Is this a Facebook group?

No. We will have our own designated space away from the noise, distractions, and political debates of Facebook and create our own special world where we can:

    • Introduce you to each other by location, by categories, and by the sub-topics, you’re interested in
    • Organize dedicated groups for you to meet and go deeper with other members

While Facebook may be convenient (I can hear some of you reading this and saying, “I’m already on Facebook and I don’t want to have somewhere else to sign in!”), by staying tied to a Facebook Group for anything community-related we do, we can’t grow or evolve in ways we want to – bringing our groups, events, and community together in one place. 

We will be using a space of our own that is private, ad-free, and available on every platform with its own mobile apps. It’s powered by a service called Mighty Networks.

Do I have to go on big trips or do things alone?

Nope. Your adventures are your adventures. You get to define what an adventure is to you. 

When does it actually start?

From July 1 – 31st, we are in the pre-sale stage for founding memberships. On August 1st, 2021, Club 26 will be officially open for all of our founding members. I hope that you will be able to log before the 1st to look around.

What is a lifetime membership?

Lifetime members will never have to pay a monthly fee no matter how long Club 26 is open or if prices increase. 

Is there a limited number of founding members?

Yes. We have a maximum of 50 founding members (lifetime and monthly). On July 31st, we will close to new members for at least a month to give us all time to get to know each other and get started on our 26 adventures together.

If I choose the monthly option, when will I be charged?

You will be chard $37 when you subscribe to reserve your space and for the month of August. You will not be charged again until September 1, 2021.

Become a Lifetime Founding Member for only $397

Lifetime memberships are limited and will not be offered again

I'm in!