26 Adventures & Me

Kiri Elizabeth adventure

We all know life is full of ups and downs.


We know things change. Friends come and go. Children grow up. We change jobs and careers. We fall in love. Sometimes,  we slide out of love. We make grand plans… some dreams come true, some goals fall by the wayside, and some dreams we choose to change.

But what happens you wake up one day and realize: my children grown

  • You’ve been so involved in your children’s interests that you don’t have your own… and you want to try some new things?
  • Your marriage may not last as long as you planned… and you need to learn to do things alone that YOU like?
  • You can’t remember the last time you had fun doing something YOU love… and you want more laughter and joy in your life?
  • You have been living your life happily for your children, husband, or others… and you’re not happy anymore?

That was me!

I was living my life doing things my children and husband enjoyed and sacrificed myself and my interests for years. I was a willingly participant in my cruise control life…. Until I hit a major construction zone and cruise control was no longer an option

glass blowingDetermined to have more joy, laughter, and fun living life on my terms, at the beginning of 2016, I declared that I’d have 26 “adventures” in 52 weeks. I had to stretch my definition of “adventure,” but I did it. Some were large, like flying to Philly to see a concert alone or Key West with my husband. Most were small, like local concerts or shows. Some you might not consider adventures at all, like getting hair extensions or learning to pick peanuts. 

It’s all about your attitude and choosing to look for adventure and joy every day! I have turned “adventure” into my preferred style of self-care.

It changed my life!

I had more joy than I ever imagined. My children were seeing me learn new things, growing as a person, and smiling. Some of my friends were slightly jealous but welcomed to come along. My now ex-husband is in awe and very jealous of my bravery to say “YES” to myself. 

Me… I may not have been happy every day. I may not have wanted to smile every moment. But I had joy in my life! I loved choosing to make choices for myself. I really love learning and trying new things.solo female travel

I successfully completed my 26 adventures for almost two years, including a solo trip to Rome. Then I opened a coworking space. Wow! That was and still is an adventure every day. I love my space and the work I am doing there. However, I forgot to make time for play and adventure. I put 26 Adventures and Me in a closet.

At the end of 2020, I felt stuck! I realized how much I need 26 Adventures in my life. I also learned how much others needed it. 

So here we are! Lucy (my avatar) and I ready to go! 

Are you ready to join us?

I want to teach you how to find adventure and create the life you want. I hope that you choose to go on this journey before you have completely lost yourself. But if you are like I was and that ship has long sailed… it’s not too late! We will build a new ship together and sail into our dream life. 

I’m a 40-something, divorced mother of two teenagers.  I quit my job as a special education teacher to go on adventures, opened a business, and almost lost myself again. 

Live best life in 40sI don’t have it all figured out.

I’m not an extrovert. I’m not the life of the party. 

I’m a jack-of-all-trades and master of none with some construction experience and degrees in economics and special education. (What a mix!)

I’m not a therapist… but I check in with mine now and then. (The world would be a better place if everyone had one.)

So come along with me…

Find your 26 “adventures” in whatever form you choose! Whether they are solo adventures or adventures with your children, husband, girlfriends, or anyone else you choose to invite.

It’s time to create the life you want…

one adventure at a time.